When you visit Wayne’s, you actually take a stance. You chose a fika that is tastier, healthier and better for our planet. Our commitment to sustainability made us the first KRAV-labelled coffee shop in Sweden.

Make demands on your fika.

Every time you visit Wayne’s, you take a stance. You don’t merely choose a fika that tastes better; you also choose a fika that is better for your body and for the planet we live on.

And this is more than just words. We are the first KRAV-labelled coffee shop chain in Sweden. For us, that is clear proof of something that has always inspired us. Delicious, healthy and sustainable fika – this is the common thread in our whole coffee shop experience. Which you can tell from our plant-based Supercinos and refreshingly healthy shots.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that anything you choose will be good, both to your body and to the environment. When you order coffee, the beans come from selected plantations in Brazil, Colombia and Nicaragua. They are all KRAV labelled and Rainforest Alliance certified, and they also carry the EU label for organic farming.

This doesn’t only apply to our coffee. Take our juice, for example. A cold-pressed orange juice from us contains 100% orange juice, with as many vitamins and as much other goodness preserved as possible. Our juice contains no sugar or additives and has not been pasteurised, and it is made of up to 2.3 kg of ingredients. That’s the closest you get to actually eating a raw fruit or vegetable.

And that’s how it is with most things you see in our coffee shops. Our long-term goal is that everything you eat and drink at Wayne’s should be made onsite. We call the concept Made In Store. This is already true for a substantial portion of the things you see on our menu boards.

But our responsibility doesn’t end when you leave our coffee shop. We recently developed a fully grass-based takeaway cup, which is biodegradable and consumes much less energy in the production. We also sort our waste at source, compost organic products and strive to reduce the energy consumption in our coffee shops.

For many years, we have also supported other organisations that want to make the world a better place. We cooperate with the Pink Ribbon campaign and colour our cups pink every year and contribute to cancer research.



  • The takeaway cutlery in our coffee shops is biodegradable in only three weeks, in case the cutlery would end up in nature.
  • Our filter coffee and espresso are 100% KRAV labelled, 100% Rainforest Alliance certified and 100% Organic farming certified.