Like most people, we are happiest when surrounded by other people who share our values. In our case, that includes good business partners. Together we can make an even greater difference in matters such as health, sustainability and the environment. And give our guests an even better fika experience.

On this page, we present a few of our current cooperative partners. But we are always open to making new friends. Do you represent an organisation that might be a good fit for us? If so, please contact us in the form below.

Rainforest Alliance

Do you recognise the green little frog? You see it on a lot of our fika. The Rainforest Alliance strives to preserve biodiversity and create sustainable means of support, Including by changing the business methods of farmers, the forestry industry and tourism companies.


Wayne’s is the first KRAV-labelled coffee shop chain in Sweden. The KRAV label is Sweden’s best-known environmental label for food, submitted in writing high requirements on animal welfare, health, social responsibility and climate impact. This is the reason we work so hard to get 100 percent of our fika labelled. For example, all our coffee is now KRAV labelled.