Organic Smoothies

“A Fika should not only taste good – it should feel good.”


Our Purpose

“A sustainable choice as we always seek the best alternative for the planet.”

Our purposeful summer campaign is ”Organic smoothies”. The colourful palette of organic smoothies is a natural starting point for the campaign. Each product is an expression of our authentic and down-to-earth approach, but also the product attributes of being tasty and refreshing.

They are drinks made to enjoy out in the free and summer. Perfect picnic companions, regardless if the goal is a walk in the park, a beach adventure or an excursion in the countryside.

Our organic smoothies are served in three colours, containing three different flavours;
> Spinach & Pineapple – green as the grass.
> Mango & Pineapple – yellow as the open fields.
> Strawberry & Blueberry – red as the lingering evening sun.

All of them filled with vitamins, minerals and many other health benefits. It’s also Organic.

Organic Iced Tea's