Happy Holidays


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There is an old saying in Sweden that gingerbread makes you kind and gentle. And that is also the premise for Christmas at Wayne’s Coffee, which is built around the special product Gingerbread Latte!

Now we are launching our own latte with gingerbread flavor. Latte Gingerbread Cake is made of espresso, skim milk and gingerbread, topped with creamy cream. It is also a perfect combo for gingerbread-balls, mini-baked goods and the freshly baked lussebull.

Christmas is a perfect time to care a little extra about each other and the environment. To do our part we have made our cups grass based. In this way, less energy is used in manufacturing, which is good for both the environment and the planet.

A nicer latte.

Merry fika!


What is 12 Days of Wayne's?

12 Days of Christmas is a time for giving, and we want to treat you this season with amazing offers & giveaways. The giveaways will mainly be from our very own products, ranging from Wayne’s Coffee to our Raw Granola and our Organic Muffins. Every day we’ll be giving away. 12 Days of Wayne’s will be during the following time period;

12th – 23rd December

Wayne's Coffee

Christmas Timeline

What does the Christmas busy schedule look like at Wayne's for you?

  • 12 - 23 December

    12 Days of Wayne's Giveaway
  • 24 December

    Christmas Eve
  • 25 December

    Christmas Day - Closed.